Prepare Your Site the Right Way

Take advantage of our site preparation services in Wooster, Fredericksburg, & Millersburg, OH and surrounding areas

Preparing your site might feel like something that you can handle on your own. But without the right equipment or training, you might not get the results you're looking for. You can skip the stress by calling Criswell Concrete & Design instead. We provide a variety of site preparation services, including Brush Hogging services, for property owners in Wooster, Fredericksburg, & Millersburg, OH, and surrounding areas. With our Bobcat equipment and eye for detail, we guarantee satisfactory work every time.

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Our process ensures success

We've mastered a tried-and-true process for our Brush Hogging services. This process includes:

  • Evaluation. We evaluate the size of the area that needs to be cleared.
  • Clearing. We clear the vegetation and mow grass in the area.
  • Soil conditioning. We provide tailored services to enhance the fertility, structure, and nutrient content of your soil.
Need help getting your site up to par? Connect with us today for top-quality site preparation services.

Clear your property and keep it looking presentable

If weeds and other vegetation have taken over your property, it's time to clear the slate. Our top-notch yard tilling services can clear out your yard for any reason. We'll till your land and leave you with accessible, nutrient-rich soil suitable for sowing grass seed or planting a garden.

You can also count on us to prepare your yard for grass seeding. After the final grading is done on your land, we'll come in to work the soil so it can support a lush and healthy lawn. Reach out today to schedule yard tilling services.

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